Megan 40, Kent
Fave Film True Romance
Fave Animal Stingray
I moved away from the stress of London, and following my dream of being an artist.
What helped me
Change Environment
Moved to the sea - greater connection with the elements.
Helped me massively to calm down. I go to classes at Margate Hotpod Yoga. All the teachers there are amazing but the owner of it, Meegan Bradley, is particularly awesome.
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New Career
Took up a new career as an artist - a new focus that I was always meant to do really
Talking Therapy
Still do now, great to share. I speak to a talking therapist over the phone every two weeks. It’s been a huge help to have that support particularly in the last year in the aftermath of my mum's death.
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Talk to others about it - problem shared and all.
Meditate and realise the difference between thoughts and reality. I see yoga as a form of meditation too so I guess this is where I started it and learnt about the power of the mind and body to heal itself with a little guidance.

I use the headspace app.
I burn a load of incense. I also go for early morning sunrise and sunset walks along the coast. Listened to kundalini chants and chilled out tunes.
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A great release. I LOVE spin and kettle bell classes at my local gym, Urban Fitness in Margate. I get on better with classes and love the music in group sessions too. I find the whole group thing really uplifting and the instructors are tough but incredible. We have a laugh but we work really hard too.
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My Story
It led to a psychotic episode. I had to leave my job and move away from the stress of London.
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Where I am now
Calmer, happier, more in control. Pursuing my dream as an artist. Great friends and support network like never before.
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