Raquel 30, London
Fave Song Mr.Probz - Waves
Fave Quote 'Acceptance doesn't mean resignation'
I'm in a better place from where I was a year ago.
What helped me
Hobbys can make a big difference, it's therapeutic and helps me keep my mind off certain things. I learned how to crochet and now I can make toys and blankets and so much more. I also do arts and crafts like glass etching, painting and more. It has opened up a space for myself.
Try crafts
Support from a psychologist and family have made a big difference. Before I started therapy I kept so much to myself. It was only when I started it that I found out so much about myself and what has impacted me. Family support is amazing because it gives you the comfort you need and the love that helps keep you going.
My Story
Anxiety makes talking to others hard. It creates more barriers in day to day life like meeting new people. It feels like anxiety can take over you and all you can do is use coping mechanisms and hope it helps.
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Where I am now
Now I'm much more stable mentally with all my coping mechanisms. I have been able to overcome certain things. Although not all things as there will always be scars. I'm in a better place from where I was a year ago.
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