Rob 26, Oxfordshire
Fave Food Pizza
Fave Animal Cat
Life is a lot better now. I feel more confident going out.
What helped me
Talking Therapy
I saw a professional who helped and spoke through various strategies which helped. Eventually even had the courage to take the train to Liverpool and watch the football by myself.
My Story
I struggled to go out the house for any reason with the exception of going to work. I did not like the feeling of not knowing who was going to be out.
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Where I am now
Life is a lot better now. I feel more confident in going out and doing activities by myself whereas previously I would have stayed at home.
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40, Kent
I moved away from the stress of London, and following my dream of being an artist.
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41, London/Wales
The time I felt it worst was in my early 20s, it took about 5 years for me to find what worked for me.
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45, London
I got extreme anxiety in relation to eating. It feels enormously powerful to know that you can change the way you think.
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Danna Michelly
32, London
I'm more conscious about my thoughts and people‘s energy.
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35, London
I’ve had periods of feeling totally overwhelmed.
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