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45, London
I got extreme anxiety in relation to eating. It feels enormously powerful to know that you can change the way you think.
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38, East London
Parties make me nervous, but I worry less about what people think about me
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40, Kent
I moved away from the stress of London, and following my dream of being an artist.
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28, South London
My mum was diagnosed with cancer - I feel like I’ve had to deal with a lot of stuff in my early 20s which has made me more resilient.
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35, London
I’ve had periods of feeling totally overwhelmed.
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48, Yorkshire
Cold water immersion has literally changed my life.
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What is anxiety?
Anxiety is a normal experience involving worry that something bad is going to happen. It is an emotion designed to protect us and help us prepare for the future.

Sometimes anxiety can feel overwhelming and in some cases anxiety, and associated behaviours can become clusters of symptoms needing professional advice and help. For instance persisting feelings of anxiety (generalised anxiety disorder), specific worries associated with compulsive behaviours (obsessive compulsive behaviours), and disproportionate fears about specific things (phobias).
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